About the Tool

Here at Aquent and Vitamin T we truly believe in creativity and go out of our way to support our clients and talent. We also know that our talent want to feel valued and that their salaries are a big part of that. That’s why we’ve created this tool to help employers and employees get real-time salary comparisons, so that they can ensure all roles are being paid at market rate.

We pride ourselves on having unrivalled knowledge of the industries we serve and the talent and clients we work with. By collecting this data and analysing it we will be able to provide a full overview of salary trends including variations around gender, location and industry. We want our clients and talent to have a clear understanding of the way salaries are evolving and how they compare to others within their sector.

The salary data is accumulated based on roles that we have filled in these areas during the last 12 months. Once we have collated 20 entries for a job role, the data will switch to live results.

Who we are

Aquent are the world’s leading marketing, digital and creative recruitment agency. Vitamin T is a division of Aquent, created to exclusively meet the needs of design agencies and the digital creatives we all love.

We are all about helping companies adapt to change, finding new ways to work and staying competitive. We place all types of creative talent in freelance, contract and perm positions. Helping global companies and creative agencies add technical expertise to their marketing and creative departments, increase the bandwidth of their in-house teams, and more. With a notable client list, international talent network and training opportunities, Aquent and Vitamin T attract and place thousands of in-demand talent worldwide.